this is my first time to play around with the set-up.

i focus on the NMR system. I try to locate the water NMR signal but fail. i need to know more about the NMR system.

the NMR system contains alot of parts. basically, a RF signal is sent to the coil for some time interval. then the NMR signal will return and couple with a reference signal(frequency), then decompose into cos and sin wave out put.

the RF is 12.8MHz for 5us. for water, which is the proton, has magnetic moment ……. , we can calculate the suitable static B-field for proton processing at 12.8MHz.

but we don’t have the B filed and current relationship.

the NMR signal has noise around ±5mV. when the laser chopper turned on. there is a 51.2us signal with 20mV. the time period is independent of the chopper frequency. the chopper is not connected to the NMR system. How come they will interference????

for the computer system, used to record the NMR signal. i don’t where is the control program. so today, i just played with the NMR system. not polarize anything.

at least, learn some basic for the NMR operation.