i want to measure the laser polarization dependency on the sample. however, our group also building up the polarization transfer experiment. it took me half day to confirm that the NMR coil and microwave have been changed. 1st, the NMR coil was modified and need to be calibrated. 2nd the microwave system was changed.

the tuner of the coil is not long in the range of impedance matching. thus, i modified the circuit by remove a constant capacitor which is parallel to another capacitor. thus, the total capacitance reduced and impedance matching was checked by smith chart. then, put water into the sample chamber and obtained the water NMR signal at  /0524/ise13.dat.

i want to reset or start from beginning for the microwave system. but it took me about 2 hours to figure out the cable has to be change for CW wave and pulse wave. after that, i reset the microwave system. but some extra signal appear. when the RF amplifier was trigged by the laser chopper, the reflected signal is zero. but on the other time, the reflected signal is strong and not zero.

tmr to do:

  1. fix the microwave
  2. get the sample be polarized
  3. measure the polarization dependency