ROOT is a data analysis program developed by CERN.

Here i will explain a easy way to get root running on Ubuntu 10.04 and Mac OSX. this is NOT an installation, so, the path of the folder is important. don’t move.

first download the source file from the root website. then unzip it. inside the directory.

./configure --help

to identify the architecture of your machines, for me, i am on ubuntu with intel core i5. thus

./configure linuxx8664gcc --with-fftw3-incdir=/usr/local/lib

the –with, is link to the FFTW library. by unknown reason, i installed FFTW but the configure cannot find it, so i have to tell it. you can check the path just after you install the FFTW.

sudo make

after that, you should run

. bin/

this link the library, then you can run root anywhere by


if you experience that you have to type “. bin/” every time to get root running, then you can edit ~/.bashrc. (nano ~/.bash) add this anywhere:

#ROOT configuration
cd ~/root-5.30
. bin/

since the terminal will run ~/.bashrc on startup, so, this code will call the root. now, you can run root everytime and anywhere while you started terminal.

for Mac OSX the command line is:

./configure macosx64
sudo make

In Mac OSX, the ~/.bashrc is not there by default. and the terminal may run /etc/bashrc intead of ~/.bashrc even you created it. so, edit /etc/bashrc by

sudo nano /etc/bashrc