Reading List


  1. Modern Quantum Mechanics, J.J. Sakurai
  2. Classical Electrodynamics, John David Jackson
  3. The Principle of Quantum Mechanics, P.A.M. Dirac
  4. Vector and Tensor analysis, A.I. Borisenko and I.E. Tarapov
  5. An introduction to the physics of nuclei and particles, Richard A. Dunlap
  6. Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics, Ashok Das, Thomas Ferbel,
  7. Scattering Theory, John R. Taylor
  8. Quantum Theory of Angular Momentum, D. A. Varshalovich, A. N. Moskalev
  9. Schaum’s Outline of Tensor Calculus, David C. Kay
  10. Atomic Structure Theory, Walter R. Johnson
  11. Particles and Nuclei, Christoph Scholz, Klaus Rith, Bogdan Povh
  12. Introductory Nuclear Physics, Kenneth S. Krane
  13. Basic ideas and concepts in nuclear physics, Kris Heyde
  14. Atomic Physics, Dmitry Budker, Derek F. Kimball, David P. DeMille
  15. Spin Dynamics, Malcolm H. Levitt
  16. Introductory Nuclear Physics, Samuel S. M. Wong
  17. Atomic Physics, Christopher J. Foot
  18. Subatomic Physics, Alejandro Garcia, Ernest M. Henley
  19. Statistical Mechanics, Huang

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