Nucleus Properties

there are many properties a nucleus can have. I listed them out long time ago, here i list them out again and make it as a menu item, so we can have a quick check

  1. Atomic number Z
  2. Mass number A
  3. Neutron number N
  4. Atomic mass or Mass excess
  5. Binding Energy per nucleon
  6. Spin Parity J^{\pi}
  7. Statistics (boson=spin integer or fermion=spin half)
  8. isotope
    1. relative abundance (related to decay half-life)
  9. Separation energy
    1. Neutron Separation energy S_n
    2. 2 neutrons Separation energy S_2n
    3. Proton Separation energy S_p
    4. 2 protons Separation energy S_2p
  10. Mulit-pole moment
    1. electron quadruple moment
    2. magnetic dipole moment
  11. Particle Distribution
    1. charge distribution
    2. proton density distribution
    3. neutron density distribution
    4. nuclear radius
    5. moment of inertia
  12. Shell Structure
    1. Single particle energy
    2. Spectroscopic factor
    3. Occupation number
  13. Decay mode
    1. half life
    2. branch ratio
    3. Q – factor
    4. differential cross section (or angular distribution)
  14. excited states
    1. energy
    2. spin parity
    3. half life
  15. Deformation parameters
  16. Reaction related
    1. momentum
    2. Particle identification
    3. differential cross section

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